April 18, 2018, International Centre, Mississauga, ON

Association Partners

In conjunction with

PIT Group (Performance Innovation Transport)

PIT Group is an innovated not-for-profit world-class engineering group and research center contributing toward the development and accelerated implementation of safe, sustainable and efficient technologies that support excellence in North America’s transportation industry.

In partnership with

Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents’ Association (ATSSA)

The Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents’ Association (ATSSA) is a meeting place for commercial vehicle maintenance management personnel to discuss their industry issues and to collectively keep the “wheels turning”. Today’s membership represents some of the largest and best run fleets in Canada. The association’s mandate is growth through education and professionalism. The members provide mentoring and workplace opportunities for ATSSA sponsored apprenticing /student mechanics enroll in Centennial College. The ATSSA was establish in 1938 as a not-for-profit association, living by the motto of “Always Thinking Safety”.

Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA)

The Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA) works with small, medium and large trailer and vocational truck manufacturers through programs and services that are tailored to enhance its members’ manufacturing capabilities. The Association manages to do so by helping members understand and comply with legislated requirements, e.g. vehicle weights & dimensions, the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and many other compliance issues. In addition, CTEA has developed partnerships with service providers that can assist with HR issues, employee benefit programs and other business concerns.

Ontario Trucking Association (OTA)

OTA was founded in 1926. Since 1926 OTA has been the voice of responsible trucking in Ontario. Reflecting the size and importance of the Ontario marketplace, OTA IS ONE OF THE LARGEST TRUCKING ASSOCIATIONS IN NORTH AMERICA. It is also considered by politicians and the media to be one of the most overall effective, dedicated and respected trade associations in the province.

OTA members, who include everyone from the smallest family-owned company to the largest publicly-traded conglomerates are responsible for moving the lion’s share of the goods Ontario businesses and consumers rely upon everyday.

Transportation Maintenance & Technology Association (TMTA)

The Transportation Maintenance & Technology Association (TMTA) Ontario partner locations in Sudbury, London, Windsor / Chatham and Waterloo Region are non-profit volunteer organisations that meets monthly to promote safe practices and maintenance procedures with in the transportation and logistics industries. The membership is made up of key decision makers with in the Canadian transportation industry. The TMTA focus is safety, maintenance best practices through technology and peer networking. Check out the website at tmta.co.for a meeting near you.