CFMS takes place in Montreal this year, visit for details



ExpoCam, held every two years, is where the decision makers in the Canadian trucking industry come to see and buy. The show features a heavy emphasis on the impact of new technology on Canada’s trucking industry. An expected 17,000 industry professionals, predominantly from Quebec, will see the latest developments and new products on the market as they meet more than 325 exhibitors from across North America. They will spend millions of dollars on all types of heavy trucks, trailers and equipment for the immense Quebec and Canadian markets.

Exhibitors feature the latest in trucks, trailers, heavy duty parts and accessories, engines and power train components, service shop equipment and supplies, tires, fuels, financial services, and many other products and services used in the trucking industry.

Dates and times for ExpoCam 2017 will be coming soon. For more information visit